Miller, Rose

In Loving Memory of Rose Miller

Rose Miller of Bow City and Bassano passed away at Bassano Hospital on April 9th, 1996 at the age of 81 years. Rose was born October 17th, 1914 in Diamond City, Alberta the eldest daughter of Stephen and Maria Roggero. Her father met with a mining fatality in 1925 in the same area. She attended school at Diamond City and at St. Pat’s High School in Lethbridge. Rose married Alex Miller in the summer of 1935, and they lived in Lethbridge, Rosedale and then moved to Bow City in 1945 where they farmed until 1980. Rose and Alex retired to Bassano along with their special daughter Alexis. In the summer of 1994 she moved into the Playfair Lodge which she really enjoyed. Rose had always raised a nice garden, and enjoyed canning, preserving foods, quilting and handicrafts. Rose was well known for her chocolate making and had done a lot of sewing and needlepoint pictures. She also had a great interest in politics .. She will be remembered as a very popular person who made many friends and “was a neat lady”. Rose was predeceased by her husband Alexander Miller in December, 1984 and also by two sisters Second and Molly. She is survived by her family, David (Betty) of Bassano, Norma (Fred) Barton of Calgary, John of Rosemary, Ellen (Gordon) Maddison of Calgary, Tom (Julia) of Okotoks, Alexis of Brooks and her grandchildren Doug, Rob, Bruce, Brian, Jennifer, Duncan and Colin.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter – Day Saints Brooks, Alberta

Saturday, April 13th, 1996 at 2:00 PM

Bishop Alien Eastman Officiating

Family Prayer Thomas Miller

Organist Reed Crapo

Chorister Sandy Eastman

Opening Remarks Bishop Alien Eastman

Opening Hymn “How Great Thou Art” #86

Invocation Doug Maddison

Piano/ Organ Musical “I Need Thee Every Hour”

by John Miller and Reed Crapo

Marilyn Miller Steele “0 My Father” by Sandy Eastman, Ramona Crapo,

Alien Eastman and Delyle Sorensen

Speaker Bishop Don Gibb

Closing Hymn “Abide With Me” # 166

Benediction Bruce Miller

Dedication of Grave Gordon Maddison

Biography Musical

Doug Maddison Duncan Miller

Pallbearers Rob Miller Colin Miller

Bruce Miller Duncan Campbell

Interment in Bassano Cemetery

Funeral Reception at Seniors Drop In Center Bassano