Ainlay, Josiah S.

AINLAY, Josiah S. – The people of brooks were startled Friday when they heard of the death of Josiah Sy Ainlay just after the dinner hour at his residence in Brooks. The late Mr. Ainlay who but recently returned from the hospital at Bassano had been down town during the morning but feeling poorly had started home, but couldn’t make the distance and was taken home by friends. He never rallied, passing quietly away about 1 o’clock.

A man known and liked by everyone in the district, who was always willing to help and knew how to help. “Sy” as he was familiarly known, had lived in Brooks since 1910 and was well acquainted with the Town’s early history. He had been active in the Town’s business for many years as councillor.

Mr. Ainlay came to Brooks from Nanton, having farmed there for nine years.

Born in Hope township, Ont., nearly 78 years ago the late Mr. Ainlay worked his way westward finally stopping in Montana where he worked as carpenter on Anaconda Smelters and later took up ranching at Red Lodge. He was familiar with many of the famous Montana characters of the 90’s and told many a good yarn of those days.

He returned to the East in1905 and married Gertrude Siday at Port Hope, Ont. Of this union three children were born. Mrs. Gerald Wilfley (deceased) Mrs. Jas. Service and John R. (Jack) Ainlay of Brooks, He is survived by  his widow, Mrs. Service, and Jack and five grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon in the UnitedChurch, the Rev. F.T. Habrol officiating. Interment was made in the Brooks Cemetery. The pallbearers were: Mr Norman Stafford, Mr Herb Cook, Mr. J. Sturm and Mr. S. Nurcombe.

To the bereaved the bulletin extends sincere sympathy in their great loss.

Brooks Bulletin June 14, 1934  Roll 7  Image 175