Braconnier, John

BRACONNIER – John Braconnier. 73 years of age, a former Millicent farmer who had been living with his son, F.P. Braconnier, at Duchess passed away suddenly at Medicine Hat on Saturday, February 23.

Born at Renfrew, the late Mr. Braconnnier came west in 1914, later taking a farm at Millicent in 1920. Three years ago he sold his farm and since then has been living in Duchess.

Last September he went east to attend his sister’s golden wedding anniversary at Renfrew, Ont. Then he returned to Gravellbourg, Sask., to visit his daughter and brother. On February 12 he left there to return home, planning to stop in Medicine Hat to visit relatives.

He arrived there at about six a.m. and carrying his site case, walked to his son’s home, a short distance from the city. Apparently he suffered a stroke, for he was found near the house by a neighbor and failed to revive.

The pioneer farmer, who was widely known throughout the district, leaves to mourn his loss; three sisters, two brothers, one daughter, Mrs. T. Beaust and six sons, Eric, Gilbert, Louis, Peter, Adelor and George.

Rev. Father J. E. Morrow conducted his funeral service from the Roman Catholic Church in Brooks on Thursday, February 18.

Five of his sons and a brother acted as pallbearers.

Brooks Bulletin   February 25, 1943         Roll 8  Image 759